Babies Babies Everywhere

27 06 2012

It’s baby season in Ariel!

Akiva Shimson and Nava

Akiva Shimson and Nava have their first play date

The Ariel Anglos community would like to wish a big Mazal Tov to Tamar and Adi Nakar on the birth of their daughter Nava, and to Ariella and Yisrael Tsirlin on the birth of their son Akiva Shimshon. The two babies were born within a day and half of each other. They even shared a Doula Ariel’s own Natalie Zacks was there to help both mothers (and fathers) out. Baruch Hashem everyone is healthy and doing well. The 2 babies even got together for their first play date.

Ariel Anglo babies meeting

Akiva Shimshon (left) and Nava Nakar (right) meet for the first time

May we share in many more Simchas together

New Housing Projects in Ariel

24 06 2012

There are several new building projects going up throughout Ariel. Here is some information and links to the relevant websites,I don’t have any more information than what is listed on the sites, but if I hear of anything I’ll be sure to post it.

The websites are in Hebrew, I’m not sure if there is an English section, if you need help translating or understanding some of the specifics you can contact Reuven Franks and he’ll be happy to help, or you can contact the builders directly and see if they have an English speaker.

1) Giva’at Ha’university- cottages 5,6,7 rooms, starting at 1,390,000 shekel, near university

2) Mafteach Ha’ir – has a building project with 3,4,5 room apts starting at around 900,000 shekel across from mega in rova bet, and cottages 6 rooms next to Netzarim, also one last cottage near religious buildings for appx 1,600,000 or less, last one left, ready to move in.

3) Dirah Yerukah – from the picture in the ad it looks like an apt building, not 100% sure of the location but I think this is in rova bet near the religious buildings.

What do you look for in a community in Israel

21 06 2012

Even if you aren’t looking for a new community, you can still answer and let me know what’s important to you when you were looking.

If you don’t see an answer you like, you can leave it as a comment.

Pizza Extra now in Ariel

19 06 2012

Pizza Extra, Ariel

Last week a new pizza shop, Pizza Extra (פיצה אקסתרא), opened in Ariel near the Bank Otzar Hachayal. While the store owner, Adi Nakar,  is Israeli (he grew up in Ariel) he’s married to an American, Tamar Nakar, and lived in LA for nearly 8 years, so we can claim him as one our own 🙂

For the Grand Opening, Pizza Extra was selling slices for 1 shekel. The great news is that not only does the pizza taste great, but after the grand opening sale ended, Pizza Extra still costs less than the other Pizza Shops in town.

We wish Adi and Tamar much success with their store.

Eating PIzza in Ariel

Tamar and Sarah eating Abba’s first pizza

Meet Some Anglos of Ariel

12 06 2012

David Kilimnick, from the Off the Wall Comedy Empire in Jerusalem came out to Ariel one night and had us all rolling. After the show, a few of our Anglo families introduced themselves and told us where they came from and how they came to Ariel

The Zacks’ make Aliyah

12 06 2012

Watch as the Zacks’ make aliyah to Ariel, this video starts with their pilot trip, and follows them through several milestones: Landing in Israel, meeting the Mayor of Ariel – Mr Ron Nachman, their first local elections,, and the birth of their daughter. It’s a nice story of a successful Aliyah

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