Babies Babies Everywhere

27 06 2012

It’s baby season in Ariel!

Akiva Shimson and Nava

Akiva Shimson and Nava have their first play date

The Ariel Anglos community would like to wish a big Mazal Tov to Tamar and Adi Nakar on the birth of their daughter Nava, and to Ariella and Yisrael Tsirlin on the birth of their son Akiva Shimshon. The two babies were born within a day and half of each other. They even shared a Doula Ariel’s own Natalie Zacks was there to help both mothers (and fathers) out. Baruch Hashem everyone is healthy and doing well. The 2 babies even got together for their first play date.

Ariel Anglo babies meeting

Akiva Shimshon (left) and Nava Nakar (right) meet for the first time

May we share in many more Simchas together



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27 06 2012
Yael Maizels

Looking forward to lots of simchas here in Ariel!

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