Wine & Cheese and The Mentalist

17 03 2013

Last night (3/16) the Ariel Anglo community was invited to a special performance by Yona Schnitzer, the Mentalist. The show was held in the newly renovated, formerly known as the internet Cafe room, in the Matnas. Prior to the show there was a nice selection of wine and cheeses, with fresh baguettes and some nosh. After a bit of socializing it was time for our minds to be blown.

The show did not disappoint, The Mentalist had a steady stream of volunteers come up and he was able to guess, or read our minds, to determine which card we looked at. He went all “Inception” on one person and implanted a specific card in her mind, and when she revealed the card, he took out a closed box of cards, and sure enough that card was flipped around.

Here are videos of two tricks that I volunteered for.

One of the cooler tricks was he had 3 volunteers, one wrote the name of a childhood friend, one thought of a vacation destination, and the third drew a doodle. All three put a slip of paper with their answers in a sealed envelope, and somehow the Mentalist got them all right.

It seemed like everyone who attended had a great time, and much time was spent afterward trying to break down the tricks and figure out how he did it.

After the show a group of us kept the party going by heading over to CheckPoint, a local kosher bar in Ariel. While we were there someone who works at the bar came over to our table and wowed us with some insane card tricks.  All in all it was  a great night. Many thank to Reuven Franks for setting everything up, and all those who helped out.



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