About Ariel

The purpose of this blog is simple, to tell the world about the English speaking community in Ariel. Whether you are planning on making aliyah or you currently live in Israel and are looking to relocate in Israel, Ariel has a lot to offer you.

Community – There are several different communities in Ariel, both religious and non religious. The English speaking community is spread throughout the city, but we manage to get together for various events.

While it’s nice from time to time to have “Anglo only” events, where English is the spoken language and we don’t have to break our teeth speaking Hebrew, the English speaking community has integrated very nicely with the rest of the city.

During the long summer Shabbat afternoons it’s not uncommon to find a large gathering of families for a Seudat Shlishi in the park. It’s a great setting for relaxing, getting together with friends while the kids run around and play.

Location – Ariel gives you the benefit of being in the center of the country without having to pay the price of living of the center. The city is about 45 minutes North of Jerusalem, an hour to the Old City, and 30 minutes East of Tel Aviv/Herzaliyah. Obviously those numbers depend on the time of day, rush hour will get you no matter where you live.

Weather – Because Ariel is located in the Mountains, we have a cooler and much less humid weather than cities such as Petach Tikva, Tel Aviv, Herzaliyah and Modiin. Don’t get me wrong, it gets hot, but it’s a different kind of hot. Plus it cools down very nicely in the evenings.

Amenities – Ariel has all the advantages of the bigger cities while still maintaining a small town feel.

  • Grocery Stores –  There are 2 Mega grocery stores, a Yesh located just outside the city, a nice “Mercaz” area with all different kinds of stores, the newest addition is an Aldo’s ice cream shop, and a Rami Levi Mall which is slated to be built in the near future.
  • Kupat Cholim – There is a Macabbi, Meuchedet, Leumit and Klalit health clinics.
  • Restaurants – We have several pizza shops, including the new Pizza Extra which was opened recently by one of our Olim families. Several Schwarma/meat places, a couple of Chummus restaurants, and a few dairy options.
  • Housing – While housing prices have has gone up throughout the country, Ariel included, on average Ariel is still less expensive than other cities that are close to the Mercaz. There are several new building projects that have been approved, we’ll post more details as they come.

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12 09 2012

I think Yerushalayim by car on a regular morning (with regular traffic) takes atleast an hour (there is traffic at Hizma) and to the old city, I would say nearer 80 minutes, The bus often takes 2 hours and sometimes more even at night time. There are express buses but it can take far longer

12 09 2012

James, are you talking about driving during rush hour? I don’t think I’ve had it take me that long to get to Jerusalem. Last week I went in to see my parents who live in Armon Nitaziv, which is past the old city, and it took my a little over an hour going there, I had traffic near the old city because of an Eyal Golan concert. Going home took just under an under. From Ariel to the Rami Levi on highway 60 takes 30-35 minutes, and from there to Jerusalem, without crazy traffic is another 10-15 minutes.

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