Religious Life in Ariel

I believe there are 13 Shuls in Ariel, and there is something for everyone, S’fardi, S’fard, Temani, Chabad in one of the S’fard shuls if the chazan davens Ashkenaz, then they daven Ashkenaz and if he davens S’fard they daven S’fard.

There are 3 Shuls that Anglo community typically frequent, these are S’fard/Ashkenaz,  They are Shvut Ariel, Ohel Efraim and the Netzarim Shul.

Shvut Ariel is located in Rova Bet just around the corner from the religious ganim. The Rav of the shul, Rav Avner Ben Yosef, is also the Rav of the Mamad – religious public school, Ohr Zevulun.

Ohel Efraim is located in Rova Aleph and is led by Rav Hillel Maizels. Rav Maizels, who is originally from South Africa is also the Rav of the English speaking community.

Netzarim – The Netzarim community was originally located in Gush Katif, but was evacuated during the disengagement. Since moving to Ariel their community has grown as many families have joined them. They are in the process of building a new neighborhood up near the University.

There are shiurim several times a week, and the a Beis Medrash program in Shvut Ariel. Most of the shiurim and classes are in Hebrew, but when there is a request for an English Shiur it is usually granted. There is a weekly English Shiur in Ohel Efraim on Wednesday nights. This past Shavout for the third straight year, there were English shiurim throughout the entire night at the Maizel house.

There are 2 religious school in Ariel, one is Ohr Zevulun it is a Mamad, religious public school. The other school is a Shas sponsored private school called Neve Ariel. Both schools are elementary schools. Currently there is no religious high school in Ariel, for the most part the kids bus to a neighboring city/Yishuv

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