What do you look for in a community in Israel

21 06 2012

Even if you aren’t looking for a new community, you can still answer and let me know what’s important to you when you were looking.

If you don’t see an answer you like, you can leave it as a comment.

Meet Some Anglos of Ariel

12 06 2012

David Kilimnick, from the Off the Wall Comedy Empire in Jerusalem came out to Ariel one night and had us all rolling. After the show, a few of our Anglo families introduced themselves and told us where they came from and how they came to Ariel

The Zacks’ make Aliyah

12 06 2012

Watch as the Zacks’ make aliyah to Ariel, this video starts with their pilot trip, and follows them through several milestones: Landing in Israel, meeting the Mayor of Ariel – Mr Ron Nachman, their first local elections,, and the birth of their daughter. It’s a nice story of a successful Aliyah

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